Syria opposition recaptures strategic village in Hama countryside - It's Over 9000!

Syria opposition recaptures strategic village in Hama countryside


The Syrian armed opposition factions repealed on Sunday morning an attack launched by the Syrian regime forces and retook a strategic village in Hama countryside.

A military commander in the Free Syrian Army, who asked not to be named, said the opposition factions retook control of the village of Al-Manara in Sahel Al-Ghab, west of Hama and advanced towards the village of Tangara.

Speaking to the German news agency DPA he explained that more than ten members of the Syrian regime’s forces were killed or wounded while the opposition forces seized a tank, weapons and various munitions.

Following the attack, the regime forces carried out a massive artillery and missile shelling against the towns of Kansafra, Kfar Weid in Idlib’s countryside as well as other villages in Hama’s countryside.

“Since April, we have noticed that the regime forces have reinforced their presence on the contact lines, therefore we strengthen our military points in anticipation of any military attack by the regime forces in breach of the agreement signed between Russia and Turkey on March 5,” he added.

Meanwhile, a field commander in the Syrian regime forces said army units clashed with an armed group in Sahel Al-Ghab who had attacked the regime points in the area.

Source: Middle East Monitor. 

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