MENA: Sanad Military Security, Combat militias licensed as Arab company - It's Over 9000!

MENA: Sanad Military Security, Combat militias licensed as Arab company


Pro-Syrian opposition media has circulated reports about a new security formation in the regime’s army, linked with the regime’s security apparatus.

The MENA research and study center has obtained information about the new formation, the “Sanad Military Security.”

According to MENA’s sources, the group is led by Raslan Esbar, a brigadier general of the Syrian regime army, and it works under the name “Sanad Guard and Security Services Company”, owned by Ahmed Khalil and Nasser Deeb Deeb, with a stake of 50% for each.

The sources confirmed that the formation’s mission is limited to escorting and protecting convoys and cars and that it is backed by the regime’s military security and has direct connections with Russian forces.

The sources noted that most of the security guard and protection companies that have been licensed in Syria are directly affiliated with the Military Intelligence Division, known in Syria as the Military Security.

The company was established in 2016, and its headquarters is in the southern section of the Russia-controlled T4 military airport in eastern Homs.

It is consisting of around 100 members chosen on a sectarian basis, according to MENA sources, and most of them had carried out several military operations in different areas of Syria.

Sanad license’ decision

According to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Consumer Protection’s resolution No. 2337, which was viewed by MENA, the Ministry has approved the license of Sanad Guard and Security Services LTD. with a capital of 50 million Syrian pounds.

The company has the right to provide protection and guarding services for establishments, property, documents, and individuals, as well as transferring money, jewelry, and precious metals to those who request such services.

According to the license, the company is allowed to import whatever needed for accomplishing its missions, after obtaining the approval of the Syrian Ministry of the Interior, in accordance with the regulations, except for selling and trading in housing.

It is noteworthy that the webpage of the Arab companies has included Sanad in the Arab companies’ list as a limited company based in Damascus.

Media reports said the Sanad forces are mainly present on the Syrian Desert, and they amount to 800 members with a salary of $200 for the fighter.

Relatedly, a new military formation supported by Russia and operates in eastern Syrian has recently emerged, according to media reports.

The later formation describes itself as a special security guard company that has nothing to do with the conflict in Syria, and the headquarters of which is the city of Deir Ezzor.

Analyzers believe that the reason behind Russia’s support for that company is gaining a foothold in the Syrian desert, where US forces, Iranian and Iraqi militias are present, while Russia has almost no presence there.

Russian Honoring

Pro-regime media has recently circulated a copy of an honor certificate granted for Sanad commander, Brigadier General Raslan Esbar from the Russian operational group in the T4.

“The Russian forces in the T4 thank Brigadier General for leading the military units in his sector, and combatting the international terrorism that targets the Syrian Arab Republic.

The recently established private security companies are protecting the banks of Bemo, Syria and overseas, Al Baraka, and Islamic International Bank, as well as the Al Safir Hotel in Homs, at which the negotiations between the Syrian regime and besieged people in Homs took place during Homs’ siege.

It is noteworthy that security and guard companies are a new phenomenon in Syria, and they are owned by persons linked with the Syrian regime and its intelligence apparatus.

Source: MENA Research and Study Center. 

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