Eight civilians killed by Assad shelling in Daraa - It's Over 9000!

Eight civilians killed by Assad shelling in Daraa


Eight civilians, including 3 children were killed, Wednesday, Mar.18, by Assad regime forces' shelling in the province of Darra, south of Syria.

The ground bombardment hit the village of Jilin following fierce clashes between regime forces and opposition factions.

In the past few weeks, Syrian rebels have launched a series of surprise attacks on multiple regime bastions in the towns of al-Sanamayn, Sheikh Saad, Sahm al-Joulan and Jilin.

The revival of armed conflict in southern Syria followed skirmishes in the past few months after calm for over two years which followed a Russian-brokered surrender deal.

Rebel groups held on to some of their weapons, and local reconciliation committees were left with a degree of autonomy not seen in other areas of Syria. The result was a complex patchwork of localised truces, according to Middle East Eye.

Former rebels then started the first rumblings of a low-level insurgency, targeting Assad's army and intelligence officers, reconciliation negotiators and former rebels they deemed to be traitors for working alongside Syrian regime. Unrest followed soon after the actual conflict ended in Daraa, and has become more of a threat to local stability ever since, Middle East Eye reported.

In 2019 alone, there were at least 305 assassination attempts recorded across Daraa province, according to the Daraa Martyrs Documentation office, a local monitoring group. Assassinations and disappearances have targeted all sides in Daraa’s messy post-conflict politics.

Source: Zaman al-Wasl.

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