New Turkish military reinforcements arrive in Syria - It's Over 9000!

New Turkish military reinforcements arrive in Syria


The Turkish military forces have dispatched new reinforcements to Syria, distributing them on different sites in Idlib, Baladi News correspondent reported. 

The military reinforcements consisted of around 150 military vehicles that entered Syrian as several batches and arrived in their destinations along the M4 highway.

The reinforcements also included cement blocks and prefabricated armored rooms, in addition to trucks carrying logistic materials, according to Baladi correspondent. 

The Turkish troops attempted to break the sit-in on the M4 highway, to allow to facilitate the passage of Turkish-Russian patrols, however, the people stranded on the highway prevented the Turkish bulldozers from removing the earthen berms.

It's noteworthy that during this week, the Turkish army started its deployment on both sides of M4 highway, and has checked several location to establish new military points along the road, allowing the joint patrols to enter the areas controlled by Syrian opposition factions and rebels.  

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