UN sends 93 trucks of humanitarian aid to Idlib - It's Over 9000!

UN sends 93 trucks of humanitarian aid to Idlib


The United Nations has sent 93 truckloads of humanitarian aid to Idlib province, northwestern Syria on Friday, Jan. 10.

Trucks loaded with humanitarian aid entered Syrian territory from "Cilvegozu border gate" in Hatay province in southern Turkey, to Bab Al Hawa border crossing in Syria, Anadolu Agency reported.

It is expected that the aid will be distributed to the needy in Idlib and its countryside at a later time.

The Response Coordinators Group in Northern Syria has announced that 20,000 civilians have been displaced from their homes in the past two days, to escape the bombardment of the Assad regime and Russia on Idlib and its countryside.

The head of the group, Muhammad Hallaj, said that the total number of IDPs from Idlib since last November reached 379,523.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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