Pro-Assad activists disappointed of Putin visit to Syria - It's Over 9000!

Pro-Assad activists disappointed of Putin visit to Syria


Pro-regime activists have expressed disappointment following a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Damascus where he met with officials including Bashar al-Assad in a military base, as the domestic gas crisis mounts in Syria, Zaman al-Wasl newspaper reports.

Far from the regime’s media coverage, most Syrians have been waiting for so long in vain to acquire even one gas cylinder.

Putin, whose country holds one of the world's largest gas reserves, should not be unable to supply Syria to end or even alleviate the crisis, the newspaper writes.

Assad's loyalists must have felt a great deal of bitterness since no Russian gas reached the Damascus ally at the time the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Putin launch the TurkStream natural gas pipeline project in Istanbul. 

For pro-regime activists, Russia does not attach any importance to Syria, and that the talks about the reconstruction reported seem rather laughable. It is, indeed, hard to believe that Russia would help in a reconstruction plan that will cost hundreds of billions, and which is supposed to pull the country out of the swamp of ruin.

Source: Zaman al-Wasl.

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