Soleimani's arrival in Baghdad was leaked from Damascus - It's Over 9000!

Soleimani's arrival in Baghdad was leaked from Damascus


Iraqi security sources said that investigations are held with security members in Baghdad airport to know how the news of Qassem Soleimani's arrival in Baghdad was leaked. However, doubts are raised that the news of his arrival was leaked from Damascus.

According to media sources, the American drone which stroke Soleimani was in the vicinity of the airport before his arrival to Baghdad, meaning that Soleimani's presence on board the airplane may have been leaked while he was in Damascus.

The sources added that the airplane which carried the Commander of the Iranian Quds Force belongs to Cham Wings Airlines, which is owned by Bashar al-Assad's cousin "Rami Makhlouf".

The airplane was delayed for an hour in Damascus due to an unknown reason, according to the sources.

The arrival time of the plane in Baghdad was set at 11:30 pm last Thursday, but the takeoff from Damascus has delayed one hour, the reason for which delay is unknown yet, Russia Today cited its sources.

Iraqi authorities were not aware of the presence of a high-ranked figure on board the plane, the sources pointed out.

The plane landed near gate 21 in Baghdad International Airport, according to the sources, where Soleimani didn't pass through the gate, as اhe rode one of the two cars which were waiting for him near the plain.

Source: Iran Insider. 

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