Satellite images suggest Iran stockpiling missile arsenal in Syria: i24 News - It's Over 9000!

Satellite images suggest Iran stockpiling missile arsenal in Syria: i24 News


New satellite images of an apparent cargo transfer from Tehran to Syria containing a variety of missiles last month suggest Iran may in fact be planning a "revenge attack", as estimated by Israeli and US intelligence, i24 news channel reports. 

The images dated November 21, 2019, provided by "Intelli Times " and "Satellite Pleiades from Airbus Defense & Space", show a large cargo trailer on the runway of the Iran-operated T4 military base located in the Homs District in central Syria, according to i24. 

The images were taken after a plane left the Iranian capital in the early morning hours and landed at the base, unloading three containers onto semi-trailer trucks generally used by the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Syria to move and deploy air, ground and cruise missiles, the new channel points out. 

Over the last two weeks Iran has been moving around heavy cargo to the T4 base, as part of its preparation for an attack the likes seen back in September on the Saudi oil fields. 

According to the channel, the cargo deployment came one day after the Israel Air Force (IAF) conducted strikes on several Iranian targets that reportedly killed some 23 people, the majority of them Iranian.

Israel reportedly refrained from targeting the T4 base due to its division into three areas controlled by the Russian, Iranian and Syrian regime's army – raising challenges that would require precise coordination with Moscow, on top of the base’s more formidable security arsenal that includes S-300 anti-aircraft missiles.

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