Assad regime plans new wave of summary executions in Sednaya prison - It's Over 9000!

Assad regime plans new wave of summary executions in Sednaya prison


Dozen of Syrian detainees are at risk of summary executions in Sednaya military prison north of the capital Damascus, a local monitoring group said Wednesday Nov,4. 

The Violations Documentation Center in Syria said the Syrian regime is preparing to hold a series of new field trials against dozens of detainees, after being transferred from security branches and central prisons to Sednaya military prison. 

Most of the Syrian opposition detainees underwent sham trials before military courts and were sometimes forced to make confessions under torture, according to Amnesty International. 

A report published by the Washington Post last year said Bashar al-Assad’s army is doubling down on the execution of political prisoners, with military judges accelerating the pace they issue death sentences.

According to the Violations Documentation Center, the detainees were transferred from the central prisons of Lattakia, Suweida and Adra to Sednaya prison, but the largest number of detainees have been transferred from the security branches to Sednaya, where they are awaiting harsh sentences that could amount to execution. 

Several human rights reports confirmed that Assad had committed crimes against humanity in Sednaya prison with an Amnesty International report describing it as a “human slaughterhouse”.

Last week, the Detainees Association of Sednaya Prison released testimonies of torture survivors from the notorious detention facility. 

According to the report, 100 percent of the detainees had been tortured physically and 97.8 percent had been tortured psychologically. 

The regime security is practicing 24 methods of psychological torture and eight methods of sexual torture inside Sednaya prison, including beatings sexual organs. 

The majority of the detainees were deprived of food and basic needs, the association said. 

Source: The Syrian Observer. 

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