Photos for Russia's new Qamishli base, nine hangars built - It's Over 9000!

Photos for Russia's new Qamishli base, nine hangars built


The construction of Russia’s new air base in northeastern Qamishli province is underway as nine hangars have been built so far, according to satellite images.

First group of Russia’s helicopters arrived at the northern Qamishli airport on November 13 to conduct patrol missions, according to the Russian Defence Ministry.

The Qamishli base was previously used by American troops until last month, when Turkey launched its two-week-long incursion into northern Syria.

Two Mi-35 helicopter gunships and an Mi-8 transport helicopter flew from the Hmeimim Air Base in coastal Latakia province to Qamishli, which is located some 500 kilometres (310 miles) to the east from Hmeimim, the ministry said

The Russian base, which is located within a civilian airport, is protected by the Pantsir missile system, according to footage released by the Russian Defence Ministry’s Zvezda TV channel 

The joint Russian-Turkish patrols started after an agreement reached between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi on October 22.

Russia has two permanent military facilities in Syria, an air base in Latakia province used for air strikes against forces opposing Bashar al-Assad, and a naval facility at Tartus on the Mediterranean.

Source: Zaman Al-Wasl.

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