Russian gives Israel green light to bomb Iranian targets in Syria - It's Over 9000!

Russian gives Israel green light to bomb Iranian targets in Syria


Moscow was informed about the latest Israeli missile strikes on the outskirts of Damascus, Israeli news agency reported. 

The reason for that is allegedly tacit agreement between Moscow and Tel Aviv that gives Israel the right to attack Iranian military forces located in Syria.

"Israeli-Russian coordination is based on the mutual interest of both countries. Israel is interested in the fight against Iranian entrenchment in Syria.

At the same time, the Israeli fight against Iran in Syria serves Russia's interests in weakening Iran's influence in Syria, as it may become a threat to Russia's control in Syria. Also, both Russia and Israel have a common interest in avoiding conflict between themselves," reports .

Experts, in turn, note that despite the deployment of the Russian S-300 air defense systems in Syria, they still have not been used, even though Israeli airstrikes threaten the security of the Russian military in Syria. Initially, defense systems were deployed to allegedly deter Israeli aicraft, if they continue to conduct airstrikes in Syria.

Earlier, Moscow condemned the Israeli airstrikes on the Syrian territory, calling them an act of aggression.

Source: UAWire. 

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