"Hezbollah" Embarks on Forced Displacement in Madaya - It's Over 9000!

"Hezbollah" Embarks on Forced Displacement in Madaya

Zein Kayali, Baladi News, Damascus Countryside

Regime forces and Hezbollah militia have notified residents of "Al-Jamaiat" in the town of Madaya in Damascus countryside to evacuate their houses within 48 hours, and head to any place of their choice, according to activists from the town.
"Al-Jamaiat" area is located in the western part of the town and has been under the control of Assad's forces since February 2 of 2012 till Hezbollah militia intervened and seized control of the region preventing the entry or exit of anyone since September 23 2015, according to "Muhammed Abou Al-Bara'a", an activist from the town.

This operation is considered a new start of the "forced displacement plot" against people of the town, since "Al-Jamaiat" area undergoes the same siege imposed on the town of Madaya, added the activist.
Regime forces and Hezbollah militia had carried out a number of forced displacement operations against people of al-Zabadani who have been displaced from the town of Bloudan and transported to Madaya, which had been witnessing a blockade for more than ten months, resulted in the death of about one hundred people, including children, women and patients as a result of hunger, lack of medicine and medical supplies; the last of which was a four-day old infant, "Boruoj Al-Zaybak", who died due to the lack of medical incubators and the blockade imposed on the city.

A medical source stressed that the infant died in her fourth day after Assad's regime has refused pleas from the medical center in the city to get her out of the town and provide her with an incubator from regime-held zones.
He also accused the Syrian Red Crescent of impeachment for its noble tasks upon which it was sown in and established, noting that the Red Crescent ignored all the messages received to evacuate the girl out of the besieged city.

UNICEF has called on the international community to move and save the besieged town of Madaya, pointing out that half of the 42 thousands besieged in the city are from children, and they are in urgent need of aid to survive. Children's milk prices exceeded $ 150 whereas one kilogram of rice costs a hundred dollars, not to mention the rest of the foodstuff, if available, which deprived the poor of affording any.

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