Assad's Ministry of Education Defrauds the UN! - It's Over 9000!

Assad's Ministry of Education Defrauds the UN!

Shohood Jadooa', Baladi News, Hama
UNICEF in all third world countries supports the educational process including the establishment of schools, providing clothing and vaccines as well as wages. The organization subsidizes the educational process of primary and secondary stages, offering sums of money as wages for teachers ranges between 330 and 430 US $ as a grant to support education in developing countries. Syria's government is still receiving these grants despite of the sanctions imposed on it under the pretext of supporting humanitarian aid regardless of the war conditions in Syria, on the contrary such grants were doubled during the five past years of the Syrian Revolution and the worsening humanitarian situation as well.
The educational sector comprises approximately 150 thousand teachers and administrators registered in the Assad's Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education gets $ 600 million annually, given the average wage for the teacher as $ 350 given by UNICEF. What is quite unusual is that Assad's regime, despite the decline in the Syrian pound ten times against the dollar, still pays wages in the local currency without taking into account the currency exchange rates and how much it will soar, if the dollar exchange rate is increased. Assad's regime is also maintaining the teachers' credentials from areas beyond his control and insisting on giving them even though the United Nations is able to deliver it directly to them through the liberated areas.
Back to the decline of the Syrian pound exchange rate,  Assad's regime gives approximately 30 thousand Syrian pounds to his employees as a monthly salary equivalent to $ 50, keeping the remaining $ 300 without any explanation, the thing that lets him save nearly half a billion dollars a year at the expense of the employees' bread and butter.
Aid for elections and army!
Many footages that have been broadcasted by activists of the Syrian revolution show UN humanitarian aid stamped with UNRWA blue sign found while liberating the military points. A report prepared by the Russian agencies on the road to Khanasser in the countryside of Aleppo talks about using  many of the tents by regime militia as a residential camp to stay in one of its points.
The election campaigns had their share too of the aid, as many of the pictures and videos broadcasted by the regime areas showed that most of the tents set up in the streets to support the candidates campaigns of the "The Parliament" were taken from the humanitarian aid provided by the United Nations.
The economy Mafia leader, Rami Makhlouf, has given his share of the aid to "Al-Bustan" charitable organization.
United Nations have recently supported lightening the roads of the regime-held cities with solar energy systems, taking into account that the regime is still seizing control over the majority of thermal power plants that generate electricity, while the liberated areas are plunging into darkness for years as a result of power cuts.

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