Russian air strikes kill Hama's Health Director - It's Over 9000!

Russian air strikes kill Hama's Health Director

Shohood Jadooa', Baladi News, the countryside of Hama

Director of health in the liberated city of Hama, Doctor Hassan Muhammed Al-A'raj was killed on Wednesday morning due to a strike launched by the Russian warplanes.
"Russian warplanes targeted the doctor's private car after leaving Al-Maghara central hospital in the northern countryside of Hama." According to the hospital's media office director.
"A drone filmed the northwestern part of Kafrzita, then several raids launched by the Russian warplanes on Al-Wadi region", according to an eyewitness.
The 55-year-old doctor is from the town of Kafrzita, a cardiologist and one of the main founders of the liberated health directorate of Hama, who observed the establishment of a number of hospitals, medical points, as well as centers and warehouses for drugs in the northern countryside of Hama.
Russian air force had targeted several hospitals in Hama such as the 5th and Al-Maghara hospitals in the tenth month of last year.

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