Slaughtering and looting in Palmyra at the hands of "Zenobia's rescuers" - It's Over 9000!

Slaughtering and looting in Palmyra at the hands of "Zenobia's rescuers"

Abd-aziz Khalifa

Homs media resources confirmed Assad's militias slaughtering of three civilians in the city of Palmyra, while some activists on social media networks have shared two footages of Assad's regime forcers and their supporters looting the houses of civilians in the ancient city.

Palmyra's revolutionary coordination committee said that the three civilians are from the elderly, and they were slaughtered with knives by the militias' members who fought alongside the regime forces in Palmyra. The coordination committee also posted images showing humiliation and torture of an old man by the same militias.

Regarding the acts of looting done by Assad's forces and their allies from the militias participating in Palmyra's battle activists have published a 45 second recording showing the robbery of furniture (Fridges, washing machines, TVs, ovens, and beds) discarded along the road between Palmyra and Homs, along with  dozens of Assad's regimes' cars loaded with furniture in order to move them to the city of Homs.  

A source of Palmyra's coordination committee declared to Baladi news that Assad's militias participating in the military campaign moved the furniture of the houses outside the city for the sake of selling it to the looters in Homs.

The source went on saying that the second recording is more than two minutes long; it's a dialogue between two thugs which took place inside a civilian's house called "Abou Khaled" which reveals  their agreement on stealing the house entirely. 

He added that "the thug appearing in the second video is "Muhammed Hamid Aljoumaiel", one of the leaders of "Public committees" of the regime which helped it in re-controlling the city of Palmyra.

A member of Palmyra coordination committee reiterated that thousands of civilians have been displaced from the city towards the city of Raqa'a and the desert, where dozens of families are staying in the open. Some other families have fled to the Syrian-Jordanian borders. 

Some media resources in the city of Raqa'a have reported that thousands of displaced people arrived in the city this week, indicating that ISIL whose adopting the policy of preventing the departure from the areas under his control without a leaving permission, has allowed displaced people in Palmyra to go to the liberated areas due to the inability of Alraqa'a city of accommodating the large numbers of displaced people.  Tens of Palmyra's displaced families have arrived in the areas under the control of the rebels in the northern countryside of Aleppo. Activists posted yesterday images of the city of Azaz showing one of the mosques overcrowded with displaced people.

It's worth noting here that the regime forces and their allies from (Revolutionary guard, Hezbollah, Fatimeoun brigade, and Russian experts), in addition to the participation of the regime militias (The national defense of Quneitra and Tartous, Skour Alsahra'a, Maghawier Albahir), gained control of Palmyra city last Sunday, after launching dozens of air raids of the Russian and regime aviation on the ancient city.

Such militias have managed to expel ISIL out of the city, without forgetting that the organization had controlled the city in May 2015. 

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