In Aleppo : Syrian intelligence hire gangs to steal civilians' property! - It's Over 9000!

In Aleppo : Syrian intelligence hire gangs to steal civilians' property!

Feras Alali

People living in regime-held areas in Aleppo , are complaining of the spread of carjacking gangs in the city's neighborhoods, accusing the Syrian intelligence forces of conspiring with these gangs for the sake of facilitating the organized robbery.

The regime security branches in Aleppo are turning a blind eye to the complaints of the civilians whose cars were stolen, so they couldn't find a way of venting their anger other than going into the social media to expose the prevalence of chaos and the acts of plundering and looting of their properties.

A pro-regime newspaper on "Facebook" reported some messages received by followers, talking about raising complaints to Alshaba'a police station and to "Al neel" main street checkpoints. Though, carjackers are still strolling and wandering the streets, whereas the robberies increased and became a daily action.

A follower commented " try to go to Alhamdania, the cars there are being totally dismantled, what's more is that it's happening 50 meters away from one of the regime's checkpoints!!!"

Another follower said: "My car was stolen", another also said: "Mine was stolen too from Muhammed Faris street".

A civilian whose always on the spot with carjacking in Aleppo city said to Baladi news "there are gangs who steal cars, dismantle them, and then sell them in the cities of Latakia and Hama. Two of these gangs were arrested at the end of last year, but there are still robberies taking place in different parts of Aleppo city before the regime checkpoints' very eyes".

He added "these gangs work in cooperation with the regime's checkpoints and his thugs, the evidence is that there are cars that have been stolen from their owners' front door, although the military checkpoints are very close to the cars' place".

The regime supporters in Alzehra'a neighborhood launched a campaign about a year ago titled "Save Alzahra'a buildings from the national defense mercenary theft".

They went on posting some images of a number of buildings being entirely stolen by the so-called "National defense army" i.e. "Thugs", calling upon their "Wise leadership" to hold them accountable as they left the houses empty.

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