Death toll of Deir Alassafeer massacre raises to 32 civilians - It's Over 9000!

Death toll of Deir Alassafeer massacre raises to 32 civilians

Tarek Alkhawam

The death toll of Deir Alassafeer massacre in the eastern countryside of Damascus (Al Ghouta), which was committed by Assad's air force this Thursday  morning, has risen to 32 civilians, most of them are children, and dozens were injured.

Baladi news correspondent in Damascus suburb said that "the warplanes launched more than ten raids targeting two primary schools and a hospital in Deir Alassafeer, which has resulted in the martyrdom of 32 civilians, mostly children, along with martyrs of the medical staff and civil defense". "The medical staff in the town is facing a major problem in  rescuing the wounded due to the shelling on the only medical center in the town, not to mention the difficulty of moving the wounded to other areas in the eastern countryside of Damascus ( Al Ghouta)", the correspondent added. 

The civil defense in the Eastern (Al Ghouta) said through his official Facebook page that the raids targeted two of their centers in the southern sector of the countryside, which led to the martyrdom of "Muhammed Walid Alghorani", a member of the civil defense, along with a lot of deaths and casualties among civilians, in addition to the destruction of the one and only car for the civil defense in the area.

He considered what happened as a crime against humanity, pointing out that a number of children, women and nurses were killed during the raids.

The liberated cities and towns of Damascene countryside are being bombed and shelled on a daily basis by Assad's forces, who are turning a blind eye to the agreed upon truce to cease fire

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