On the 6th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution, a Massacre in Idlib and Suicide Attacks in Damascus - It's Over 9000!

On the 6th Anniversary of the Syrian Revolution, a Massacre in Idlib and Suicide Attacks in Damascus

Baladi News – (Daily Report)

In Aleppo, Darat Izza city and Kafr town in Aleppo western countryside underwent Russian airstrikes that caused material damage, whereas Assad’s regime heavy artillery bombarded al-Zorba, Banan, and Blouza in Aleppo western countryside.

In the northern countryside of Aleppo, the military council of Tal Rif’at city targeted the troops of the separatist Kurdish troops in Minnigh using mortar shells.

In Idlib, 25 civilians, mostly women and children, were killed and dozens others were wounded in airstrikes on al-Qusour neighborhood of Idlib at dawn today, which also caused the collapse of some buildings over residents.

Another civilian was killed in an Assad’s regime airstrike on Ma’arrat Misrin north from Idlib city.

Al-Sahn village in the western countryside was bombarded by Assad’s artillery in Jourin, which caused several casualties and material damage.

In Hama, Assad’s regime barricades bombarded Tayyibat al-Imam and al-Bowaida in the northern countryside and Zaizon village in the western countryside.

In Damascus, the capital, two suicide explosions hit the Palace of Justice and a restaurant in al-Rabwa area, which caused a number of casualties as reported by the regime media.

The explosions were synchronized with the continued military campaign of Assad’s regime in Tishreen and al-Qaboun. The regime conducted airstrikes and fired 15 “elephant” missiles at the area.

In addition, Duma, Hammoriya, and Harasta cities underwent airstrikes with 100 barrel-bombs, whereas Madaya, Buqain, and al-Zabadani were bombarded using heavy artillery.

In Jubar, a civilian was killed and others were wounded in Assad’s regime artillery attacks.

In Daraa, more than 5 airstrikes were conducted by Russian warplanes on the residential districts of Daraa al-Balad, but no casualties were reported.

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